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San Francisco CA

Presidio San Fran

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Dallas TX

Dallas TX

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Salt Lake City UT


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Toronto Canada

Canada Toronto West Mission

I am a Mormon. As part of the faith there is an opportunity to serve for two years as a full-time missionary for the church. When I was 18 I filled in an application to serve which was certainly the largest commitment I had worked for thus far in my life (including college). I had to save enough money to pay for the costs of living for the two year duration. It required a lot of faith and commitment given when you apply you don’t know where in the world you will be called to serve.

My call came to serve in Toronto, Canada. I spent the years 2003 and 2004 in Ontario, Canada, knocking doors, teaching people about Jesus Christ, and the message of the Mormon faith that the church that Jesus Christ established during his ministry has again been established, including the priesthood and a living prophet.

During my two years in Canada I learned a lot about faith, love, and hard work. As a missionary you serve 7 days a week, 12 hour days, mostly outside on your feet. Your only communication home is via email once per week–no phone calls, no internet other than email. I learned what it is to be noticeable different, to stand out from a crowd, and to be discriminated against for something I believe in.

Sharing faith with others, seeing people change their lives in ways they never thought was possible, seeing people find meaning where previously there was none–it is an amazing experience. As a 19 year old–it is especially formative.