Because education is too important to stay the way it is.

My blog Hacking Education was an early aggregation of my online reading and thoughts regarding the coming disruption of education. In Feb. 2011 my good friend and Teach for America corp member, Jon Woahn, joined me as a contributor on the blog.

I think about education every single day (and have for years). It is the thing that has shaped everything from my reading list to my career.

An invention from the dawning of the industrial era, our education system serves the needs demanded of industrial times. An exponential explosion of innovation has occurred. Currently, the output of the education system and the demands of the technology era are so at odds that the stress is at a breaking point.  We are on the cusp of an educational revolution and I want in the fight.

As an entrepreneur, I see an entire $800B annual industry (American education spending) on the edge of disruption. As an observer of technology and education, I believe the forces are already at work that are driving the cost of learning towards zero. I believe we will be enabled to educate the world, for increasingly diminished costs.

Education  is the siren’s call that I cannot escape.