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The Lab is a joint program of Teach For America and the venture philanthropy firm NewSchools Venture Fund. The program is launched in collaboration with the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University. The goal of the EdTech Lab is to address the education achievement gap between students from low and high-income communities and the American decline in educational attainment.

Our children are to be left to solve the energy crisis, global warming, increased natural disasters, threat of Chinese hegemony, the extinction of social security, an inverse tax-base as baby boomers’ health costs out pace the tax-paying population growth, among the completely fresh challenges that will emerge in the coming years.

There are countless forces prepared to defend the status quo and more than a million reasons it is improbable that we could ever succeed in making transformative change. But for every naysayer we remind ourselves of the students who still dream this world can be theirs.

Our hope for the future rests in building the system that will empower this nation to solve all of these problems. Let’s create an education system that can teach our children how to innovate and solve the problems of the technology era.